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Just get it done


The fundamental rule of being a success is get the basic job done -- get it done well, and work very hard at it. You may have to get into the office earlier tan anyone else, earlier than you've ever gotten there before, but get in or start work early you must.

This is not a lengthy post on time management, but basically you will have to be:

  • Focused

  • Dedicated

  • Organized

  • Ruthlessly efficient

And if you want to know if you are being an entrepreneur and not just being a worker -- take a look at your desk. Go on. Rigt now. What do you see? Clear space and order? Paper everywhere and piles of unsorted stuff? Order or disorder?

Use whatever tools you have at hand to make sure the work is done, done well, and done on time. Make lists, use your calendar, DELEGATE and SEEK HELP.

You Have to Have a Life. But get that work done and learn to be ruthlessly efficient.

Photo Credit: Kanban (im Team)

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