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My company is based in Belgium and I needed a virtual office manager to take care of my U.S. customers.  Maria Helm has been great in taking on the tasks as my U.S. representative managing customer service, handling customer inquiries, fulfilling orders, and managing accounts receivable and payable.  I'm very pleased with Maria's service.  Highly recommended.


- Lieven Gevaert, CEO, Gentaur Europe BVBA, Kampenhout, Belgium

"As a global recruitment agency owner, I needed someone who could complete tasks at the level I needed.   I had worked with a virtual assistant for many years before and I know how to delegate virtually.  This time around I was looking for someone who could think with me and strategize how to make my systems work better.   Maria Helm has been amazing.  She has established systems and tools to help streamline my business.  She could coordinate between various projects and actually take work off my shoulders.  Working with Maria Helm has given me more time to focus on the business development aspects of my business.  I am delighted Maria is on my team!"


- CJ Walker, Managing Director, Firehead SAS, Grenoble, France


"Maria Helm does excellent work.  She's a reliable professional and completes projects on time and that's why I give her projects consistently since 2013.  Maria does not disappoint."


- Terence J. Szewczyk, Principal Engineer, TS Civil Engineering, Inc., San Jose, CA


Maria has done a terrific job in managing my IT consulting company's customer service and office operations.  She has the ability to multi-task, handling a wide variety of tasks such as creating estimates, assigning service tickets to engineers, qualifying sales leads, managing accounts receivables, answering incoming calls, marketing and sales support, just to name a few.  Maria Helm has my highest recommendation.


- Matthew Kaing, CEO, eSudo Technology Solutions, San Jose, CA

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